Finally - Electric cars are here to stay

In the upcoming months we will be building a site for electric and hybrid car buyers

For most people, electric cars are still a mystery and not enough is known about them to seriously consider purchasing one as their main car. The Toyota Prius has broken through as a mainstream car for everyday use for many. As the industry grows and all automakers begin to bring multiple models into their showrooms, being up on the latest news  will be important.

In coming months discussions of all models will appear on these pages.  Stay tuned...

A new era in car making is quickly approaching


We will be interviewing the engineers and car builders at the fore front of the industry and concentrating on advances in batteries and mileage per charge in all electric cars. Also highest MPG in hybrids, including high end sports cars

We look forward to providing car buyers with the information to consider certain models that fit your driving style and advancing the average consumer's knowledge of the coming changes in what we drive.